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Propagating the cause of Judaism

Located along the border perimeter between Agor and FESTAC area in Lagos, our growing Jewish community has remained steadfast on the path of Judaism. And with good degree of exposure to the international Jewish World, our prayer services and festivals are observed following the halacha rules and standards. Finding the right pat after so many years ago, the leadership of the synagogue has truly come a long way, leading on the forefront for the recognition and practice of Judaism in Nigeria. ADAT YISRAEL SYNAGOGUE is notably the first ever originally built place of Jewish worship in Lagos State. Construction on site began early in 2010, and the building was eventually completed with a groundbreaking celebration of Erev Passover on the 18th of April 2011. The Knesset was dedicated as a gift to Hashem and a general place of worship for ALL Jews residing in the state. The synagogue is furnished with accommodation facilities to give both members and guests a memorable experience. And with high preference placed on Erev Shabbat, the whole idea of an available and comfortable separate housing apartment makes a lot of sense, no doubt. Hence for our members, irrespective of their location can come to the synagogue on Friday evenings for prayers, then pass the night comfortably, and then attend the morning service without having to bother about the worrisome traffic situation coming directly from their homes for the Shabbat. With high sense of adherence and obedience to the halachi principles, we’ve continued to strive for better perfection. As a place of learning, we do not discriminate but freely welcome and encourage members to learn how to live JEWISHLY. Learning is viewed as an integral part of Judaism, which is why we tend to make the Prayer books available for everyone to use and improve their spirituality. In our capacity we have readily created the avenue for Hebrew language classes to offer interested members the opportunity of learning and practicing how to read and pronounce the Hebrew words and sentences. Our collaboration and cooperation with a couple of other Jewish communities on the international scene (the United States, Israel, United Kingdom and South Africa) has grown steadily over the years. Our mission of upholding and strengthening Judaism in Nigeria have successfully played out, and indeed attracted like-minded Jews ranging from Explorers, Rabbis, Teachers, writers and friends from different countries to visit Adat Yisrael Synagogue. In everything, we continue to give all the Glory to Hashem Who has positioned us to take up this mantle of leadership in ensuring the practice and sustenance of Judaism in Nigeria and Beyond.

our mission
The worship of the one/only Adonai Elohenu as contained in the TORAH that was transmitted by Elohim to Moshe Rabenu on Mt Sinai.
our community
We observe and promote the ceremonies, doctrines, rites and rituals according to the Principles and what Judaism preaches.
our belief
We view Elohim as the planner, creator and eternal master of all forces, matter and life in the cosmos - One who regulates all existence and gives it meaning.
our faith
We take the whole Jewish Bible entirely as the all sufficient source of Faith and practice, and believe in the singularity and supremacy of the One True Elohim.
our team
It’s leader of a Jewish congregation

Kish Ben Onyia is the founder and leader of Adat Yisrael Synagogue in Lagos. He is known as one of the early founders of Judaism in western Nigeria. He’s a seasoned business consultant, married to Onyinye, and father of four lovely children.

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Kish Ben Onyia
Rosh/Chairman, Board Of Trustees

Onyinye is the Ima of Adat Yisrael Synagogue. Her role as women leader in the synagogue, and the support to the course of Judaism has been extraordinary.

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Onyinye Hadassah Onyia

Brother EBi is an attorney and consultant in E N Ebi & Co. He is the barrister and legal adviser of Adat Yisrael Synagogue.

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Ebi N Ebi
Assistant Secretary and Legal Adviser

Nathan Ben Uwaoma is the chief chazzan in Adat Yisrael Synagogue, and also the Hebrew teacher. He’s a dedicated member, and a technician by occupation. He is married to one of the beautiful sisters in the Knesset. Their union is blessed with two children.

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Nathan Ben Uwaoma
Chazzan/Secretary Board of Trustees

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Shlomo Anhukanna

Francis Duru is a professor of Andrology and sterelogy in the University of Lagos. He’s a renowned elder in the synagogue, a writer and an activist of Judaism in Nigeria.

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Professor Francis Duru


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David Adigheji

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Miriam Ijoma
Welfare Manager
Hebrew Lessons for children and adults are avaliable in the Synagogue. Kindly contact us to leverage this wonderful opportunity to learn how to read, write, and pray in Ivrit.
Synagogue Management.